Edwards ES/ED and EDM Parts
(Very limited parts are now available, please ask)

Spare parts for obsolete "Edwards" vacuum pumps

You may have old vacuum pumps with the name
"F. D. Edwards Co Ltd", Edwards High Vacuum Ltd or
Edwards High Vacuum International Ltd" on the nameplate.

Due to the small number of these pumps in N America there are very limited parts
available here. Limited parts are still available for these pumps from stock in the UK.
They include Seals & Springs Kits, Blade Kits and most small individual parts.

Please tell us the Model Number and Serial Number of the vacuum pump, and we will
quote you price and delivery for the spares kits or parts, FOB Spring City, PA.
All freight costs from the UK and import costs included.

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(all numbers refer to approx. pumping speed in liters/min)

1SC20                                                2SC20A and B
1SC30                                                2SC30A and B
1SC50                                                2SC50A and B

The following was the last series of Edwards Vee Belt Drive

ES35 and ED35         speeded up as   ES50 and ED50
ES75 and ED75         speeded up as   ES100 and ED100
ES150 and ED150    speeded up as   ES200 and ED200
ES250 and ED250    speeded up as   ES330 and ED330
ES500 and ED500    speeded up as   ES660 and ED660

Edwards Direct Drive Vacuum Pumps
(all numbers refer to approx. pumping speed in m3/hr)

EDM2   and EDM2A
EDM6   and EDM6A
EDM12 and EDM12A
EDM20 and EDM20A

The suffix A indicates that the pump uses metric threads.