Vacuum Pump Service Training for Edwards RV and EM pumps
We are no longer offering Basic or Custom Vacuum Technology training classes, but
will continue to offer Vacuum Pump Strip & Rebuild Training for the Edwards Vacuum
model RV series and the E1/2M18 and E2M28/30 oil sealed vacuum pumps

  • Vacuum Pump Service Courses. The length will vary depending on the technology
    or products to be covered. This is for oil sealed mechanical vacuum pumps only,
    specializing on Edwards EM and RV models

    Oil Sealed Vacuum Pump Service Courses:
    If you use many Edwards Vacuum mechanical vacuum pumps at your factory or
    laboratory, it may be practical and cost effective to carry out service rebuilds in
    your own workshop.

    If you have suitable vacuum pumps to use your technicians can learn how to strip,
    clean and rebuild oil sealed rotary vane vacuum pumps

    If you do not have spare, clean, vacuum pumps to use for training we can offer
    several different models to use for a modest charge.

    We specialize on the Edwards Vacuum RV series and the E1/2M18 and
    E2M28/30 oil sealed vacuum pumps .

    Details of special tools required to service the Edwards RV and EM vacuum
    pumps are included, and some special tools are available for purchase.

  • All service training is delivered at your site.

  • We are not able to offer open registration training courses.
Updated:  18 Dec 2020
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