Coming Soon. A new page with mist filter and elements for non
Edwards vacuum pumps and mist filters. Agilent/Varian, Leybold
and Busch

Preliminary List of stocked elements:
(photo's coming shortly)

Agilent - Varian elements:

949-9201 Element for MS40+ vacuum pump

949-9432 Element for 949-9392 Mist filter (aluminum body)

Busch elements:

0532 000 302 Element for R5 040 vacuum pump

Leybold Sogevac elements:

714 21180 Element for 40B vacuum pump

714 17300 Element for 65B and 100B vacuum pumps

If you send us a make and part number of a filter element you need,
we can check to see if we can offer it at a lower cost to you.


Updated: 11 July 2019
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