for Edwards
MF30, MF100 and MF300

We have the lowest prices on these brand
new OEM, UK made, MF30, MF100 and
MF300 elements
(if we don't, please let us know!)
Howard Tring
Updated:  18 Dec 2020
A22304057 Element for MF30 mist filter     $139.00 each

(1 element per filter)
A22304020 Element for MF100 mist filter     $139.00 each

(2 elements per filter)
A22304021 Element for MF300 mist filter      $149.00 each

(4 elements per filter)
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These mist elements are the same UK made products that Edwards or their
distributors sell. The mist elements can have either green or white outer covering,
the function, design and dimensions are the same.

We also stock the top gaskets for the MF100 and MF300 mist filters
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