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    We offer the following main products and services relating to vacuum technology
    that are used in science and industry in North America:

  • Mist and Odor elements (UK made) for Edwards model EMF20, EMF10 and          
    EMF3 Exhaust Mist Filters at the lowest prices ("Odour" in the UK)

  • Mist elements (UK made) for Edwards MF30, MF100 and MF300 Mist Filters     

  • EMF20R reconditioned oil mist filters with new elements and seals        

  • EMF10 and EMF3 oil mist filters, reconditioned with new elements
    and seals (when available, please ask)

  • EMF20, EMF10 and EMF3 "new in box, old stock" oil mist filters (when available)

  • BSPP threaded adaptors and plugs, with seals that Edwards use on their UK made products
    that are hard to find in the USA (at lower prices than from Edwards)

  • Solberg mist filters, selected sizes

  • Mist filter elements for Welch, Solberg and Balston exhaust filters            

  • Selected used vacuum pumps, new & used accessories and new components
    as available. (specializing in Edwards Vacuum accessories and parts)

  • Spares kits for Edwards obsolete models: SC, ES, ED and EDM vacuum pumps

  • Basic Vacuum Technology training courses and seminars

  • Vacuum Pump rebuild training for Edwards & Stokes oil sealed pumps
     (other similar oil sealed vacuum pumps can be included)
  • Vacuum System and vacuum equipment consulting services

  •  Global distributor of "Modern Vacuum Practice" textbook, 3rd edition,
    written and published by Nigel Harris in the UK, and stocked in the USA  

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Howard Tring - qualifications and background:

Howard has spent over 35 years in the vacuum pump industry in several countries.

Completed a 5 year engineering apprenticeship with Edwards High Vacuum International Ltd.
Worked in Welding/sheet metal, Vacuum system assembly, Production drawing office, Non-standard
drawing office and Field service departments during that time
Completed a one year City and Guilds Workshop Technology Course
Earned the Higher National Certificate (HNC) in Mechanical Engineering
Spent two years in the Field Service Department at Edwards

Worked in Factory Facilities dept. for switchgear company
Gained sales and applications experience in Air compressors, Liquid pumps, Power transmission
products (clutches and brakes) and Hydraulic seals.
Howard returned to work for Edwards as a sales engineer.
This position led to a technical support position helping customers in Canada and the USA.
Due to customer requests, technical training was offered using UK based trainers and Howard
prepared the practical equipment for them to use. He then took over the technical training role as he
gained experience in this field.

United States:
Howard then moved to Massachusetts to take on the role of Technical Training Manager for North
America with BOC Edwards (now Edwards Vacuum).
He completed a course on training and presentation skills specializing in training for adults.
New training initiatives were developed for employees and scheduled training courses offered to
vacuum industry customers.
When Stokes Vacuum became an Edwards company the Stokes "Vacuum School" Service training was
updated and new technical training developed for the Stokes products.
In addition to training in North America he also delivered training courses to semiconductor engineers
in Thailand and Ireland.

When BOC was purchased by Linde in 2007, the Edwards business was divested and became a
private company. In preparation for this buyout Edwards closed the technical training department.

As a result Howard started
Vacuum and Low Pressure Consulting to offer his training skills and
experience in the vacuum industry to companies that are new to the technology, or whose employees
can benefit from a better understanding of vacuum processes.

Tring Enterprises LLC also stocks original UK made replacement filter elements for the Edwards EMF
and MF lines of vacuum pump mist filters. These consumable parts are offered at about half the price
of Edwards prices, and have proven extremely popular at Universities, Scientific Labs and Industrial
vacuum pump users to reduce their costs.

EMF and MF filters are also offered as reconditioned filters at reasonable prices, and brand new
EMF20 filters were recently added to this website at the lowest price anywhere for a new product.

Let us know how Vacuum and Low Pressure Consulting can help you.

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Vacuum and Low Pressure Consulting

Telephone: Office 610-792-3505  Cell: 484-366-2621

E-mail: HowardT@VacuumAndLowPressure.com or TringEnterprises@hotmail.com

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